An official May release date has been set for Pac-Man Museum+

The gaming landscape has seen quite a few mascots over the years, but few have lasted as long as Pac-Man. At the time of this writing, Pac man remained in the public consciousness for over 40 years, with the sheer timelessness of its arcade formula serving as a major contributor to that success. Naturally, Bandai Namco has reissued many of the most iconic Pac man games several times during this period, with a notable example of this in the form of the Pac man Museum collection back in 2014. And now a continuation of this collectionnicknamed Pac-Man Museum +will see a PC release on May 27.

According to a press release, Pac-Man Museum + claims 14 Pac man games as opposed to the original 10, and these titles cater to all sorts of tastes. For those who want the traditional maze gameplay that defines the series, titles like the original Pac man and Pac-Man Championship Edition should do more than enough to satisfy. On the other hand, those looking for a variation of the standard formula can check out super pacman, Pac Maniaand Pac & Pal, among others. Some may want something completely different, in which case games like Pac Land and Pac-in-Time will offer exactly that.

What else does the collection offer?

Outside of 14 Pac man Games, Pac-Man Museum + features a customizable arcade you can immerse yourself in. By completing various challenges, you can earn a wide variety of collectibles used to create the arcade of your dreams. Additionally, the collection includes an in-game jukebox that contains a host of classic tunes.

If you fancy some classics Pac man action lately, then the upcoming release of Pac-Man Museum + will provide you with more than you could ever ask for. Not every game in the collection is a winner, but you’ll probably find something that speaks to you.

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