Bad policy is responsible for the current crisis

Politicians, economists and energy sector experts said at a seminar on Saturday that the Awami League government’s bad policies were responsible for the failures of the country’s economy and energy sector.

Nagarik Oikya organized the seminar titled ‘Current Country Crisis, Causes and Solution’ at Dhaka Reporters Unity, under the chairmanship of party chairman Mahmudur Rahman Manna.

Energy sector expert BD Rahmatullah said bad policies and corruption were mainly responsible for the current failures of the country’s economy and energy sector.

The country’s energy sector has been engulfed in corruption and the government has not taken sufficient steps to explore for gas from our gas fields.

But they were interested in buying power from India and encouraged rental power generation where mass corruption was occurring, Rahmatullah said.

To overcome the situation, the government should increase the establishment of basic industries in the country and flourish the agricultural sector and establish agricultural industries.

He criticized the Rampal coal-fired power plant and other plants taken over by the government saying these would not be helpful for the country’s power shortage crisis, Rahmatullah said.

Former Bangladesh Bank governor and economist Salehuddin Ahmed said the government should immediately take more measures to overcome the country’s current economic crisis.

He called failing banks a major obstacle to the country’s economic development and said it would create more problems in the future if their numbers increased.

Mahmudur Rahman Manna said it would not be possible for the Awami League government to overcome the current crises.

There was therefore no alternative for the government to resign from power and hold free, fair and credible general elections under an interim government, Manna said.

Nagrik Oikya will hold a rally in front of the National Press Club on July 27, to protest against the failure of government power generation.

The party’s central leader, Jahedur Rahman, read the seminar’s opening speech in which he said the country may face a bigger economic crisis in the future, which the current government cannot solve.

BNP Vice President Shawkat Mahmud has called on all opposition political parties to unite in protest against the government’s failures.

Nagarik Oikya’s General Secretary, Shahidullah Kaiser, delivered the introductory speech for the seminar.

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