Canon announces it will launch 32 new camera lenses over the next 4 years

Canon has just released its annual sales outlook and has suggested that over the next 4 years it will launch 32 new Canon RF lenses. that would more than double the 23 RF lenses currently available, which range from high-end professional lenses to much more affordable lenses.

These staggering numbers seem incredibly optimistic, considering the number of delays that camera and lens manufacturers have faced. Just recently Canon shared a press release apologizing for the delays to the insanely expensive Canon 800mm and 1200mm super telephoto lenses as well as a 6 month wait on the Canon EOS R3.

According to perspectivesthe company will launch 32 lenses by 2026, averaging around one lens every 45 days, which is ambitious to say the least.

Canon CEO and Chairman Fuji Mitarai has expressed a desire to become the world’s leading mirrorless camera maker (a spot currently held by Sony with a 35% market share, according to PetaPixel). Although he said the camera market is bottoming out from a sales perspective, units sold may continue to decline as the low-end market weakens.

The PowerShot market, which covers Canon’s compact cameras, is also likely to grow as Canon launches restyled cameras and special-purpose products such as the PowerShot Pick – an AI-powered point-and-shoot camera capable of analyze a scene, identify people, track their faces and capture photos.

The online response hasn’t been overwhelmingly positive, with many Canon users believing it’s too ambitious. With so many people waiting for pre-orders from 2021, it’s no wonder comments have been made regarding the number of statements Canon will have to release over the next four years, apologizing for the delays in release dates. delivery.

Lenses that may be released have yet to be announced, nor has Canon released an official roadmap for the next four years, but we can expect a mix of super-fast primes, zooms mid-range and telephoto zooms.

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