DPSRU organized a symposium to discuss the globalization of public health

DPSRU brings together national and international leaders on one platform to discuss the globalization of public health

The Delhi University of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research recently organized a two-day symposium on “Public Health in the Context of Globalization”. The symposium brought together national and international leaders in public health to provide opportunities to interact with experts in the field and discuss several multi-faceted public health issues in today’s era of globalization. Prof. Ramesh K. Goyal, Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Dr. OP Shukla, Registrar and Prof. Geeta Aggarwal, Dean of Academics, DPSRU inaugurated the symposium.


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The first day of the symposium witnessed the expert lecture by Professor Koustuv Dalal, who is a Senior Health Economist and Public Health Expert in the Department of Public Health Sciences at Mid Sweden University, Sweden. Professor Dalal, DPSRU Assistant Professor, discussed the importance of social determinants of health and the growing impact of globalization on public health systems.

The second day of the symposium began with a formal welcome followed by the performance of a song and a prestigious documentary film from the University. During the welcome address, Dr. Jaseela Majeed, Director of the School of Allied Health Sciences and Management, mentioned that Prof. Dalal has been associated with DPSRU since 2020 and regularly hosts online lectures and workshops. expert lectures in the fields of Health Economics, Ethical Principles of Biomedical Research, Health and Safety Promotion, Other Public Health and Prevention Issues for Master of Public Health (MPH), the Master of Hospital Administration (MHA) and MBA in Pharmaceutical Management (MBA-PM), BBA-Health care programs from Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University.

Keynote speaker Prof. Koustuv Dalal delivered an engaging lecture on Public Health Science for Practice, Evidence and Policy. Also shared his remarkable experience as a senior advisor to the International Safe Community (formerly WHO CCCSP) and the Center for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (CIPSP). Resource persons from the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), MOHFW, GOI; Dr Arti Bahl, Additional Director and Head of Division of Epidemiology and Dr Meera Dhuria, Co-Director and Head of Non-Communicable Diseases and Division of Biochemistry enlightened the audience on the history, programs and initiatives of the NCDC in monitoring, management and control. communicable and non-communicable diseases with emphasis on NCDC’s sought-after short-term field epidemiology training program.

During his address, Professor Ramesh K Goyal said that the symposium marked a perfect fusion of internationalization and nationalization of public health, where public health experts shared their vast experiences in strengthening and policy health systems.

Professor Goyal added that DPSRU has submitted a collaborative project with Sweden as part of a call for proposals for Indo-Swedish research on aging and health by ICMR and Forte titled “Health Promotion Older People from a Life Cycle Perspective Using Cohorts of Marginalized People from Different Socio-economic and Geographical Strata in India (EldHelpIn)” where Prof. Goyal as Principal Investigator from India and Prof. Koustuv Dalal as the Principal Investigator from Sweden.

The entire session was coordinated by Dr. Puneeta Ajmera, Associate Professor, Dr. Sheetal Kalra, Associate Professor, and Dr. Sarika Singh, Assistant Professor, under the able guidance of Dr. Jaseela Majeed. Overall, the event was productive and certainly served the purpose of the day by improving students’ familiarity with the sciences of public health.

Following this symposium, Prof. Dalal had the opportunity to visit the Honorable Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Education of Delhi. During the meeting, Prof. Dalal shared his experience as the head of the Scientific Committee of the International Safe School Program and proposed that established models of school safety promotion can be implemented in schools in Delhi in collaboration with DPSRU.

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