Everything Lance Leipold said at his National Signing Day press conference

When the early signing period began on national signing day Wednesday, the Kansas soccer program announced that eight rookies had signed with the program. Six were stock market players and two were extras. KU’s 2022 class is currently smaller and ranks # 105 nationally and # 10 in the Big 12.

On the day of the national signing, the head coach of KU Lance Leipold met with the media to break up the class and KU’s efforts on the recruiting front. Here’s everything Leipold said at the press conference.

Leipold bstarted with an opening statement …

“It’s an exciting day for the young men, and a chance for them is to fulfill their dream, something they’ve worked extremely hard for. It’s not a big signing class here, but this class, we are very confident that it will fit well into our program. And as we continue with the young players here who are on this roster, to fit into our culture and help us in the years to come. And so, one more times, there will be more in the second signing and as we work through. But again, the timing. We talked about that every week here when we got there for the 23rd. Classic, you know, that provided some challenges. , and but overall, pretty good at it. So let’s just talk about four questions. “

On the decision to add a quarterback in Ethan Vasko

“We have these discussions all the time. I think when you look at it obviously the importance of the position and really the atmosphere or the climate of college football today and what’s going on. The depth that you You saw what happened to us in the Kansas State One game with injuries and that. But also, Miles kendrick will not come back, Conrad Hawley will not be back. And we knew these things were going on around that time that a shift was going to be needed in this class. That probably changed later, later in the season. “

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