FixFox release date, trailer and gameplay

Presented as an open-world 2D interstellar adventure, the gameplay of “FixFox” consists of four main elements: exploration, puzzles, crafting and repairing, and relationships. “FixFox is a game fueled by positivity,” Meloun said in a press release. “We wanted to offer players a challenge without being completely cold – an environment where every moment of exploration provides an opportunity to have fun.” “No Man’s Sky” served as a key inspiration early on, though “FixFox” quickly took on a life of its own. “There are beats in ‘FixFox’ that definitely elicit that same sense of fun in discovery.”

Karamel has a multitude of environments, landmarks and mysteries to discover. Get around on foot or by scooter; you can even jump into an electric charger to create new paths. As you move from place to place, you encounter various playful puzzles with satisfying visual and sound effects. You apply similar ingenuity to repairing robots and technology scattered across the planet, using off-the-wall items like bandages and bananas to get the job done. As a game about friendship, “FixFox” also contains a friendly meal element. Form bonds while enjoying soup, bowls of rice, pudding, and other dishes. These interactions may even provide clues that you can use to complete future quests.

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