Full Cardiff City press conference as Steve Morison issues injury update and plans transfer talks

Reflections on Wednesday?

I’m glad you asked.

Take away the goal and what we asked them to do and the way we asked them to work, the change in style and approach, was there for everyone.

I think I said after the game, when asked about boos, it wasn’t until you think about it, when I said I didn’t really get it, now I have reviewed the game I would like to put some context behind this.

We wanted to change our style. We wanted to have a more gradual approach, rather than having it too hectic or frantic with tons of transitions, we want to have a lot more control.

When you actually watch the game we had 536 assists, the most assists we’ve had in a game since 2017, we have 81% passing accuracy, second in the past four seasons, twice as much. shots that the other team.

It is not a statistic on the game, apart from the loss of the match which is the most important and I fully understand that we were not better than the other team.

This is what we want to do. We want to dominate football games and have more possession than the other team.

We will have more shots on goal, we will limit them because we have the ball.

We will not force the ball into dead ends. We will come back and try to play. We’re going to go down on one side, come back on the other side and let Ryan Giles go down to the left. There will be more entries in the last third.

The information we have from the five games we’ve had, there isn’t a single stat that we haven’t improved on.

Goals scored, 0.86 in the first 14 games, we’ve gone to 1.4 in the last five. Passes, possession, shots conceded in matches, successful 1v1 in the last third. There isn’t a statistic that’s not in place.

That’s in five games. We had five training sessions with everyone available, with international windows and Saturday-Wednesday-Saturday.

After Luton, this is the first time that we can actually work.

We’re talking about the style of play, the progression, that’s to say it all. We are going to dominate football matches, along with football. We will create more chances than the other team and we will give less chances to the other team.

We’re averaging over 430 assists per game.

I am so passionate about it. People across the country are commended for it. They are put on a pedestal for that.

We were able to do it without half the time.

Me, Mark, Tom, Carl, Dibs, everyone believes it.

If I reverse this game and we win 1-0, everyone tells me that’s a dominant performance.

We lost the game, I totally understand that, but it’s the style, the progression, it’s the way we want to play.

It is the durability of the message, of the piece, the way in which we are going to come together as a group.


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