Global NGO holds press conference on human rights abuses in Pak, China

A Netherlands-based international NGO, Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD), organized a press conference focusing on the issue of human rights violations in Pakistan and China. The lecture was attended by Dr. Naseer Dashti from the Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) and Dr. Lakhu Luhana from the World Sindhi Congress.

Emma Barnard, Pakistan Team Coordinator at GHRD, whose research focuses on atrocities against minority and marginalized groups in Pakistan, said: “We are thinking about women and children, children with disabilities, religious minorities such as Hindus and Christians, but also to LGBTQ plus. community. They continually face issues such as forced conversions, forced marriages, honor killings and the discriminatory application of blasphemy laws. »

Dr. Lakhu Luhana from the Sindhi World Congress briefed the participants on the hardships faced by the people of Sindhi in Pakistan. “Over 67% of girls are out of school in Pakistan. 80 percent of schools have no water or sanitation facilities. According to the Supreme Court, the drinking water that the people of Sindh use, 80% of it is not even suitable for animal consumption and is creating a disease pandemic,” Dr Luhana said.

During the conference, Marco Respinti, director in charge of Bitter Winter, an online magazine on religious freedom and human rights worldwide, commented on religious freedom in China. He said, “In China today, there is what we call the war against the very idea of ​​God. Communist China has always judged religion as unnatural and therefore sooner and later doomed to extinction while waiting for this faith, the CCP has helped achieve the extinction of religion with more or less harshness.

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