Governor DeSantis Abortion Press Conference and Photo Op Exploits Children

A photo shoot exploits children

This photo leaves me with a big question. Are the children fully aware of abortion, which is the issue being signed off by the Governor? Or did their parents provide no explanation, because children of this age are not yet mature enough to broach the subject of abortion? I believe they are too young, would not understand what they are looking at, and are being used as inappropriate props to promote a law they have no idea or understanding. The parents, the Governor and the politicians did not use their heads to mount this photo or to support this new law.

John Boden, Highland Beach

Banning math books is just the start

I read with concern the Florida Board of Education’s decision to reject 41% of proposed early-grade math textbooks because they supposedly included critical race theory in their teaching methodology. This reasoning is fascinating and inaccurate. Critical Race Theory is a law school subject that explores the potential effect of race in legal decisions. It is not taught at any other level of education. Not in undergraduate universities, let alone in elementary schools.

I’m old enough to remember the end of World War II. How, in the years after the war, we read about the book burnings and restrictive nationalist education systems that were integral to the Axis powers. Fascists believe that by restricting educational freedom and restricting the books children can read, you could take control of youth and the direction it would take as it grew older. Keep this in mind as textbooks continue to be tightly regulated. Keep this in mind as classic books are being removed from school libraries as “unsuitable for young minds”. It’s already underway. As the state restricts exposure, it restricts freedom of thought.

Morris J. Tobias, Palm Beach Gardens

After:Math textbooks dumped by Florida for critical race theory, failure to meet standards

Kudos for smart review

Dr. Tim Johnson’s “Your Turn” article was an intelligent and realistic assessment of the pro-choice/anti-abortion dilemma. Thanks for printing this. If only people could read it.

Tom Brija, Palm Beach Gardens

War Photo Shows Ukraine’s Strength

With all the poignant images coming out of Ukraine, there is one that I keep remembering. A little girl walking with a Ukrainian soldier who carries his tiny aquarium. It is the small type of cheap plastic tank that only small children have. One can imagine him pleading with his parents that “Yuri” or “Goldie” or whatever the little fish is called can’t be left behind. This is how a powerful Ukrainian soldier walks with a little fish and a little girl to save them both. The truly strong men of this world aim to save a little girl while the truly weak aim to grind them to dust.

Greg Brooks, Shores of Lake Clarke

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