Ize Press announces release dates for launch titles – The Outerhaven

Among the many exciting announcements made during the Yen Press Industry Panel at Anime Expo 2022 were the on-sale dates for the first five releases from Ize Press, a new brand dedicated to Korean content. These groundbreaking announcements mark an important milestone for Ize Press as the publisher continues to establish itself as a market leader in print editions of beloved Korean webcomics and webnovels that have captured the imagination and dedication of readers around the world. entire.

The world after the fall

Adapted by S-Cynan
Art by Undead Gamja
Original novel by singNsong

A new series from the creative team behind omniscient reader. A tower appeared in the sky one day, standing out as a beacon of chaos and apocalypse. A heroic and powerful lot known as the Walkers cleared the floors of the tower in order to save humanity, until the Stone of Regression was discovered. Walkers could now “return” to the past, and little by little, everyone left. The brave few who remained formed Carpe Diem, a group of people who refused to give up on the world and who represented humanity’s last hope. But once the last Walker reached floor 100, he didn’t know what to believe…

The World After the Fall, Vol. 1 is slated for release in October 2022.

The wicked are meant to die

History and art by SUOL
Original novel by Gyeoeul Gwon

In easy mode Daughter of the Duke Love Project!, you play as Ivonne, the lost daughter of the Duke who quickly wins the affection of the various male characters to win the game. Very easy! In hard mode, you play as “evil” Penelope Eckhart, the Duke’s fake daughter who begins her adventure with negative affection points. Very tough…and filled with gruesome deaths?! Misunderstood and yearning for love, a girl discovers she has a lot in common with Penelope and tries again and again to get her “good ending”. She gets one more try…when she falls asleep and wakes up as Penelope herself in the hostile game world!

The Wicked Are Destined to Die, Vol. 1 is slated for release in October 2022.

The remarried Empress

History by Alphatart
Art by Sumpul

Navier Ellie Trovi was the lifelong companion of Sovieshu, the Emperor of the Eastern Empire, with whom she spent her youth discussing the empire they would build together. She was intelligent, compassionate and courageous. She was the perfect Empress of the Eastern Empire, until one day Sovieshu fell in love with another woman, asking for a divorce. However, it was Navier who shocked Sovieshu, his beloved mistress, and a speechless court as she coldly declared, “I accept this divorce…and seek approval for my remarriage!”

The Remarried Empress, vol. 1 is slated for release in November 2022.

Tomb Raider King

Yun’s story
Art by 3B2S
SAN.G Original Novel

In the year 2025, mysterious tombs have appeared all over the world, each housing an ancient relic that grants supernatural abilities. The lucky few who quickly obtained these relics ruled over powerful monopolies. Others came to serve them, such as Jooheon Suh, a “looter” who hid in tombs to steal relics. Betrayed by his employer, Jooheon is left for dead but instead finds himself transported fifteen years in the past. With years of raiding experience and knowledge of what’s to come in the relic world, does Jooheon have what it takes to become the “Tomb Raider King”?

Tomb Raider King vol. 1 is slated for release in November 2022.

The boxer

History and art by JH

“He doesn’t have the same thirst for superiority that drives every human being.” The enigmatic Yu lives his life without joy or purpose. Every aspect of the young man is a mystery to those around him… except for his superhuman athletic abilities. Yu has pace, grace and power at the level of the best pound-for-pound fighters, and his potential is too great for legendary Trainer K to ignore. Taking the young prodigy under his wing, the two shock the boxing world in fight after fight as Coach K attempts to make Yu the greatest of all time. But what exactly drives Yu to keep entering the ring…?

The Boxer, Vol. 1 is slated for release in December 2022.

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