Jakaverse 2022 Press Conference Officially Confirmed

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Jakaverse is on the Metaverse platform where the developers are working with the team in many countries, introducing the virtual island containing more than 22 types of games, rotating improving simultaneously. Moreover, the island is the hub of games, shopping vendors and services where you can find thousands of games, consumer products and services to keep people happy and relaxed after a busy day.

The concept of Jakaverse is the gaming oasis where people can have fun and develop in one place. Players and developers can create a new game and easily launch it in the virtual world through this platform.

Business and commerce are within our reach with just one click since one can have their own space to manufacture products and sell to their community or offer services such as teaching schools, restaurants, medical centers, housing and transport, etc.

The launch of a brand new technology and innovative product may no longer require going to an exhibition hall, thanks to virtual technology that allows attendees, guests and business partners to meet. No more travel costs, but easy to access for people from all over the world. It’s the fastest and easiest way for customers to get delivery on launch day.

Pre-sale of blocks on Jakaverse in early March 2022, all blocks would now be overbooked. Also, the big brands are gradually reserving their place on the island.

For the latest inbound block information and reservations, please visit our website at www.Jakaverse.com and Binance NFT.

Recently, Jakaverse launched 3 games on the platform for free trial in the first quarter of this year. Jakaverse, in short, is the founder of JK cryptocurrencynow listed on major stock exchanges such as Bank, Hotbit Exchange, Pancakeswap and CoinMarketCap. The market value is around 6,000,000,000 USD.

Contact details:

Website: https://www.jakaverse.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jakaverse-JK-112994177718688

Contact person: Mr. JK

Contact email: [email protected]

City and Country:Tampines, Singapore

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