LIVE as Boris Johnson holds press conference amid recall campaign as Covid rules tighten in England

Everything Boris Johnson said at the opening of his press conference

Every day our scientists are learning more about this new variant of Covid, but there is one thing we are already sure of: Right now, our best defense against Omicron, is to get vaccinated and get boosted.

If you are boosted, your immune response will be stronger.

So yesterday, in addition to offering a second dose every 12-15 years – the independent JCVI recommended that boosters now be offered to everyone over 18, and that the minimum difference be halved between a second dose and a booster from six months. at three months.

This means more than 14 million additional adults are now eligible for a booster in England alone.

So I am here today with the Secretary of Health and the Managing Director of NHS England to present our plan to make this happen.

The goal we have set for ourselves is to offer a reminder to all eligible people by the end of January.

And as with the first jabs, we will be working on people by age group, descending in five year age groups, as it is essential that the older and more clinically vulnerable benefit first from this additional protection.

So even if you had your second jab over three months ago and are now eligible, don’t try to book until the NHS says it’s your turn.

We’ve already made nearly 18 million boosters across the UK, but we have millions more to do to protect the most vulnerable.

Then we will be moving the cohorts down quickly and working with the decentralized administrations we want to increase capacity across the UK to the levels we achieved in the previous vaccination effort.

We’re going to do everything we can to ensure that everyone who qualifies is offered this booster in just over two months.

Across England we will have over 1,500 community pharmacy sites that will vaccinate people near you.

All our sites will increase their capacity and we will create additional hospitals in addition to those already active.

There will be temporary vaccination centers popping up like Christmas trees.

And we will deploy at least 400 military personnel to support our NHS efforts, alongside, of course, a fantastic army of volunteers.

I know the frustration we all feel with this Omicron variant, the feeling of exhaustion that we might be reliving it all.

But today our position is – and always will be – infinitely better than it was a year ago.

What we do is take proportionate precautionary measures while our scientists crack the Omicron code and get the added protection of these boosters in the arms of those who need them most.

So we are going to support the men and women of our NHS, who have saved so many lives on the front lines, and run our vaccination program for almost a year without a break, and who are once again back in the breach.

And I want to say on behalf of the whole country, I want to thank each of them for their extraordinary efforts.

And the best way to show our gratitude to all of you is to do our part and move forward when the time comes to get that reminder.

I have faithfully waited for my moment to come and it is happening on Thursday, I am happy to say that.

So whenever your turn comes, get your booster and ask your friends and family to do the same.

It’s time for another big British vaccination effort.

We have already done it, we will do it again, and let’s not give the virus a second chance.

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