Mafias blackmail in name of press freedom: Prime Minister Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan denies imposing media restrictions through the PECA order. -News/Dossier

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan says the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (Peca) is not new and is aimed at stopping the filth on social media.

In his address, he said there were rumors that freedom of the press was restricted and people were silenced by law, but “I would like to tell everyone that the law has been passed in 2016 and we are just changing it. It is necessary for Pakistan. If we look at newspapers and media in Pakistan today, 70% of the news is against the government but we don’t care. However , we have brought the law so that the filth on social networks can be stopped because no civilized society in the world can tolerate what is happening on our social networks.

He said women were targeted and people’s homes were razed as fake news spread. “So far, only 38 of the 94,000 cases registered with the FIA ​​have been decided. Not to mention ordinary people, even the Prime Minister is not spared. A journalist wrote three years ago that the wife of ‘Imran Khan had left him and that he had done something illegal in Bani Gala.I filed a complaint but I am waiting for justice even after three years.The same journalist wrote again that the wife of Prime minister has left home. If this can happen to the prime minister of the country, then think what will happen to the rest of the people. The journalist was locked up for three days and beaten with a stick while writing on the corruption under the Nawaz Sharif government.

He said: “When a woman had written against our minister, he went to England and demanded justice and now that there have been talks against Murad Saeed; he also thinks of going to England to sue her. The Jang News House said the money from Shaukat Khanum Hospital was going to the PTI, but it didn’t bother to ask for the hospital’s version. The hospital won the case in the lower courts and will now sue the group in the United States and England.

The Prime Minister claimed that this had not happened anywhere in the world. “In the name of freedom of the press, mafias and journalists blackmail people after resorting to slander. Nobody can dare to do that in another democracy,” he said and recalled that when he appointed the prime minister of Azad Kashmir after winning the election, he appeared on the front page of three major newspapers that the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir had been elected. through magic. “If this had happened to newspapers in England or the West, they would have had to pay huge compensation and the papers would have been closed.”

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