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ISLAMABAD – Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Saturday that Sunday’s by-elections in Punjab will bury the narrative and politics of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

“Today Imran Khan admitted defeat in his speech, the way Imran Khan spoke, it seemed that his language and his mind were not under his control, and this only happens when a person is scared , defeated, rejected and failed,” she said. said at a press conference here.

Searching the President of PTI, she said that Imran Khan was fully aware that these four things were in him; he had been rejected and failed, he had already lost the crucial by-election. “The people of Punjab have declared war on unemployment, inflation and the economic destruction caused by Imran Khan who has only caused the people of the country to suffer for four years,” she said.

She said Imran Khan had done everything possible to push the country into an economic crisis similar to that of Sri Lanka.

In the by-elections, the party will emerge victorious, which has always lifted Pakistan out of economic crises and led it towards economic stability, she said.

The PML-N took action to reduce inflation by pulling people out of record high inflation, and it was the only party that could overcome the load shedding and it liberated the country from the scourge of terrorism, broke the back terrorists and restored peace.

Calling Imran Khan a habitual liar and a failed politician, she said he only knew the art of lying and deceiving the masses. She said PML-N leaders Nawaz Sharif and Shehbaz Sharif had entrusted the

responsibility for the election campaign for the Punjab by-elections to Maryam Nawaz who assumed this responsibility in an exemplary manner.

According to her, under the conditions and constituency boundaries in Punjab, the Pakistan Muslim League (N) had a clear advantage there and thanks to the wonderful campaign led by Maryam Nawaz,

there was enthusiasm and spirit in the public meetings of PML-N.

Denying Imran Khan’s claim that the media enjoyed complete freedom during his rule and that there were no restrictions or censorship on the media, the minister cited Reporters with Borders reports that

said that during the reign of Imran Khan there were strict restrictions on the media.

“Cases of brazen censorship were legion since Khan became prime minister. The distribution of newspapers was interrupted and the media were threatened with withdrawal of advertising and the television channel

the signals were jammed. Journalists who cross red lines have been threatened, abducted and tortured,” she said as she read Reporters Without Borders’ report.

She said that during the time of Imran Khan, restrictions were imposed on media institutions, channels were closed, there were death threats against journalists, she quoted the report adding that the report of Reporters Without Borders was the “memoir of Imran Khan”. ”.

During Imran Khan’s tenure, female journalists were attacked and campaigns were launched against them on social media and in this regard, she mentioned the names of Asma Sheerazi, Ghareeda Farooqui and Amber Shamsi.

The Minister hailed the journalists who stood firm during the dictatorial regime of Imran Khan.

Marriyum recalled that Imran Khan crushed his political opponents by sending them to prison death cells as soon as he came to power and contrary to his cowardly demand for free speech Imran

Khan blocked the voice of Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz on TV

screen, even their tickers weren’t allowed on TV screens.

When Shehbaz Sharif came to court, Imran Khan would order the administration to speak so loudly into the loudspeaker that no one could hear Shehbaz Sharif’s voice, she said. During Imran

During Khan’s tenure, the PFUJ organized protest demonstrations and demanded an end to the media gag and the protests by journalists’ organizations during Imran Khan’s tenure were part of the record and part of the story.

The minister said that when Imran Khan was in power, he removed his political opponents from the television screen, paralyzed all state institutions and made the Prime Minister’s House a hub for kidnappers to achieve his political ambitions.

Imran Khan only made baseless allegations against his political opponents during his four years but he could not prove a single charge as all his claims were just propaganda and no corruption nor silver.

money laundering or abuse of power has been committed.

No former ruler has ever used his female relatives for corruption like Imran Khan, who used his wife Bushra Bibi to convert Bani Gala into Money Gala while Bushra Bibi used his front person Farah Gogi for corruption.

The minister said Imran Khan lectured on honesty as if he were pious, but every time he opened his mouth he cursed and threatened his political opponents. Talking about Imran Khan’s tirade against the Electoral Commission, she said it was the result of frustration after his vote was rejected.

request for a secret meeting with the Commissioner General for Elections.

In addition, the PTI attacked the ECP because the case of foreign funding had been reserved.

Today they know that fair and transparent elections are taking place in the country, now there is no Farah Gogi and Buzdar in Punjab who can help you win elections through bribery, Marriyum said.

She reminded Imran that unlike the Daska by-elections, her party no longer had the power to co-opt Electoral Commission staff as well as ballot boxes to rig the elections, but now they went to vote.

buying tactics by obtaining voter ID cards as Imran Khan and his party were addicted to theft and election rigging.

Imran Khan sent the youth of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Punjab for mischief and hooliganism as he wanted to force the brothers of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to fight for the petty self-interests of this power-hungry man.

She said if anyone engages in hooliganism or tries to create chaos and anarchy, the law will take its course. She said the people of Pakistan are politically aware and they know the reality of Imran which has pushed the country to the brink of bankruptcy.

She said Imran forced the Speaker, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly to violate the constitution and achieved the dubious distinction of being removed from power after transgressing

the Constitution.

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