Nintendo Switch physical release coming soon for Bloodroots

The indie hack and slash title Bloodroots will receive a limited physical version for the Nintendo Switch. Developer and publisher Paper worship are working with Super Rare Games to print 4,000 copies of the game. They will be available for purchase via the Super Rare Games website from January 13 at 6:00 p.m. GMT.

Bloodroots was originally released on February 28, 2020 and is available on multiple platforms, including a digital version for the Nintendo Switch. With only 4,000 copies produced, the game will only be available to those who are quick enough to purchase one. Second, this release marks Super Rare Games’ first Nintendo Switch release for 2022, the company said in a Press release earlier today.

“For our first release of 2022, we’re proud to announce our partnership with Paper Cult for their ultra-violent, fast-paced hack and slash Bloodroots, available in physical form for the first time on Nintendo Switch ™.”

Players take on the role of Mr. Wolf, a man on a bloody quest for revenge against his murderer. Players use improvised weapons to inflict extreme violence on their enemies.

Super Rare Games released a trailer for Bloodroots earlier today, in which Mr. Wolf defeats enemies with a variety of weapons, including a ball and chain, ladder and carrot.

A countdown to the physical release of Bloodroots on Nintendo Switch can be seen on the Super Rare Games website right now. In their press release earlier today, Super Rare Games told fans what to expect upon release:

“In typical Super Rare Games tradition, this rare-mint physical version includes all of the current contents of its basket, a full-color manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker and collectible cards. Fans won’t have to wait long, as titles from Super Rare Games will ship shortly after they go on sale.

Physical copies of Bloodroots will cost $ 39.31 upon release and are limited to two per customer.

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