Noida: Businessman facing financial crisis shoots himself in his cabin, no suicide note found

Representation image | Photo credit: ANI

Noida: A 30-year-old businessman ended his life by shooting himself in his office in Sector 63 of Noida. The incident was said to have taken place on Friday evening when the man dispatched staff to collect food and took this extreme step.

The deceased was identified as Raj Sinh, who owned a business by name Godspeed Express, a courier company.

An initial investigation into the case revealed that no suicide note had been found in the businessman’s cabin.
Meanwhile, the police team during the initial investigation discovered the man struggling with a financial crisis as his business was in decline.

When the Godspeed Express staff who went to bring food returned, he found his owner lying in a pool of blood.

During this time, he called the emergency number (112) for help and informed the cops of the incident. A police team rushed to the scene and the body was taken into custody and sent for an autopsy.

According to the report, a forensic team also rushed to the scene and gathered evidence in the cabin of the deceased. The police team investigating the case are scanning CCTV camera footage in the surrounding area.

While commenting on the incident, Elamaran G, additional (central) deputy police commissioner said: “The company suffered a big loss and Singh borrowed a huge amount of money from people,” he said. he declares. India time.

Police also interviewed staff there and found that he had sent one of his employees to look for food while he was sitting in his can and drinking alcohol.

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