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Reinventing what it means to live, work, visit and relax in the Saudi Arabian port city, The House Hotel Jeddah City Yard is a five-star design property where lifestyle and community coexist harmoniously, and its opening marks the debut in the Middle -Orient from The House Hotels, a lifestyle brand from Kerten Hospitality. Working with the owners of City Yard Center Pure Houses, Saudi architect Ayman AlMehmadi designed a minimal low-rise building with materials that reflect regional culture, such as the sandstone used for the property’s facade, while the grounds locals have also found a new contemporary language in the overall layout of the plaza. The City Yard Center itself has been divided into three distinct sections, with a harmony created between the hotel and its lobby, a centralized plaza and an indoor street, while the expansive outdoor spaces that breathe life into the entire the area are accented with mature orange and olive trees and enclosed by a central water point.

Inside The House Hotel Jeddah City Yard, David Hodkinson and Luc Lejeune of Athens and Saigon-based Studio Noor oversaw the interior design, with rooms and public spaces defined by an aesthetic born from their extensive research into the Saudi culture, materials and motifs. , colors and craftsmanship. The spaces are adorned with marble, bespoke furniture and artwork by local artists. The result is a carefully choreographed aesthetic that delivers striking impressions that are both comfortable and cozy in nature, such as in the lobby, where a theatrical effect is established through a custom staircase-lounge, double-height ceilings, intimate mezzanine sofa seats, and a coffee corner. In addition, the central staircase is one of many elements reflecting the fact that the property is the first in the country to integrate recent social and cultural movements: it is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional majlis. More than stairs, this corner also offers seating and it will eventually host DJs and live music, which just a few years ago was an unknown sight inside hotels.

In the hotel accommodations, each of the 101 rooms and 13 suites are fitted with bespoke furnishings, including oversized daybeds and high-quality walnut features in the headboards, wardrobes, wardrobes, panels. murals and splashbacks. Suites have enviable marble bathrooms, rainfall showers, and stand-alone tubs, and each room is stocked with all-natural essential oil-based toiletries packaged in recyclable containers. The property is also home to a networking and collaboration space as well as health and wellness spaces, including a spa, gym, and rooftop swimming pool that overlooks the Jeddah skyline and is bordered by olive trees, like those of the square.

Beyond the hotel, the City Yard Center is also home to 14 unique restaurants and bars that offer a gastronomic journey around the world for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Among the must-sees is Al Sayed Seafood Restaurant, one of Saudi Arabia’s oldest fish restaurants, where the menu offers a food excursion into local seafood traditions that preserve flavors of the past, and the Akiba Dori Restaurant, where several food and drink vendors serve dishes ranging from modern Japanese street food to Tokyo-style Neapolitan pizzas. Elsewhere, the award-winning Baker & Spice is making an impact by emphasizing local and organic cuisine, while Hejazi, a contemporary restaurant concept, celebrates Jeddah’s historic district, Al-Balad.

Guests are also encouraged to explore Al Rawdah, the upscale, central, and bustling neighborhood that surrounds City Yard Center. There are a number of experiences on offer, including an art lover’s tour of the neighborhood galleries, while history buffs can visit the nearby Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum. The City Yard Center is also expected to become known for its extensive community program, with farmers’ markets, pop-up shops, and music and arts events in the works. The House Hotel Jeddah City Yard is conveniently located just 8 miles from King Abdulaziz International Airport, making it an easy-to-reach destination.

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