Paul Gallen press conference, two fights in one night, Justin Hodges, Ben Hannant, when is it, where is it, how to watch

Justin Hodges lit a fuse ahead of his fight against Paul Gallen, saying he would knock out the “easy” Blues legend and provided a stark reminder of who has won more Origin series.

Gallen will face Queensland legends Hodges and Ben Hannan on the same night in what promises to be an epic boxing extravaganza at the Nissan Arena in Brisbane on September 15.

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And just as there was bad blood as footy players in Origin’s fiery clashes, it seems no love has been lost since the three of them spoke at the press conference.

Gal made a crazy bet that if Hodges staked $10,000 and eliminated the Sharks, Hodges would receive $50,000.

“Put your money where your mouth is, put your balls on the line,” Gallen said.

“Have $10,000 on it. I’ll give you five to one.

“You’re not manly enough…shake my hand on $10,000.” Shake my hand on the $10,000 bet.

Hodges fired back with a cutting response.

“I beat you in every series at Origin,” Hodges said.

Gal & Hodges trade insults over 50k bet | 01:28


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“I’ll knock you out easily.”

The Broncos legend was also blunt about the end of the fight.

“I’m going to knock him out,” Hodges said.

“That’s what I train for.

“I worked my guts out the last two fights to prepare for what I have to do.

“I know that at some point he likes to walk forward and that’s going to suit me perfectly, I’m going to catch him.

“I’ll see you in a few weeks.”

Ben Hannant was the first man to fan the flames when the former NRL star described Gal as someone who looks more like “a Queenslander” than the proud New South Welshman he is.

“The most hated New South Welshman in history would have to be Paul Gallen,” Hannant said.

“The reason for that is what he brings. He’s actually like a Queenslander, to be honest.

Gallen fumed, “Please don’t disrespect me like this. Go on.”

Hannant further explained his request.

“He tries hard, he keeps showing up, he never gives up,” Hannant said.

“Against everyone he faces, he thinks he can beat.”

Justin Hodges and Ben Hannant will both fight Paul Gallen on the same night. Photo: Scott Shotz.Source: Supplied

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