Podcast: Freedom of the press, convoy protests and safety of journalists

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In January 2022, the Reuters Institute published “Trends and Forecasts in Journalism, Media and Technology 2022”. In the report, author Nic Newman explained, “More publishers plan to move forward with subscription or membership strategies this year, with the majority of respondents (79%) saying this will be one of their top revenue priorities, ahead of display ads and native advertising.”

Local news publishers may have a wary eye on Axios, now in 14 cities and adding 11 more by the end of the year. Axios Local reports 700,000 subscribers with Charlotte their largest city and Denver, the Twin Cities and Tampa Bay each approaching 100,000 marks. The open rates of their newsletters are between 30 and 55%.

As coverage of homelessness has grown and improved dramatically in recent years, newspapers and other news outlets need to be more careful when reporting on quick fixes or immediate actions by local governments and touted by locals. politicians. Tom Murphy, director of communications at the National Alliance to End Homelessness, says the best stories come from reporters who dig deep into the data and learn how the system works.

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