Launch of COVID19 Government Aid to the Private Sector; and the subsidy for workers’ associations

  1. COVID19 assistance for the private sector
    The Government’s commitment to private sector development aims to take ownership
    $10 million Tala in its budget for fiscal year 2021/2022 with the aim of helping the private sector to
    their efforts to combat the impacts of the COVID19 pandemic on their operations.
    Government launched COVID19 private sector aid to all eligible businesses
    that worked before COVID and still work to this day.

A total of 6,363 eligible businesses will receive the following allocation:
 Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships: $1,500/per business license/activity and do they need to
have more than 4 businesses, only 4 will be funded, a maximum of $6,000.00 for a
sole proprietorship or partnership with at least 4 business licenses.
 Businesses: $1,800/commercial license/activity and if they have more than 5
only 5 businesses will receive the grant, i.e. a maximum of $9,000.00 for a
company with at least 5 commercial licenses.

The assistance is administered by the Department of Trade, Industry and Labor and will be
in collaboration with the Department of Customs and Revenue, the Department of Finance and the
Samoa Bureau of Statistics.

All eligible businesses will need to complete an application which can be sent by the Ministry
of Commerce, Industry and Labor and can also be downloaded from the Ministry’s website at

Eligible businesses are also required to submit copies of their business licenses for the year
completed 2020 and 2021 with the application form to the Ministry of Commerce,
Industry and Labor for assessment and approval before funds are disbursed by the Ministry of

All companies are also required to report after one (1) month after receiving their grant on
how their fund was used.

Businesses that are excluded from this aid are those in the tourism industry that are
operator of accommodation services, tour operators and travel agents. The Tourism Industry Fund
of $5 million Tala which was launched in late 2021 covers these operators and the reason for their
exclusion from this Support.

2. Subsidy to workers’ associations
By also recognizing the contribution of workers to our economic development, the government
also launched the Labor Associations Grant that day for a total of $20,000.00.
The grant will be directed to professional associations sitting within the Samoa National Tripartite
Forum (SNTF). The Forum has long been a platform for discussing national labor issues
and employment policies, legislation and strategies.

Using the principles of social dialogue and tripartite consultation, representatives of
Government, employers and workers can make their voices heard in the development of
important labor and employment issues to ensure that all voters share in the fruits
of economic development.

Therefore, members of this forum are well placed to ensure that issues important to workers are
addressed in all professions, including the private and public sectors, and particularly nursing
and maritime workers.

The grant is allocated to the following (4) worker associations:
I. Samoa Labor Congress
ii. Public Service Association
iii. Samoa Nurses Association
iv. Seamen and Maritimers Association of Samoa

Each of these worker associations will receive a grant of $5,000.00.

This grant will be an annual event to support workers’ associations in their administrative procedures
the costs and, above all, the planning of each beneficiary in the deployment of their respective programs.

February 6, 2022

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