Report of the Press Council on the indictment for the freedom of the press of the national conference of the government JK

The National Conference (NC) on Monday called the findings of a Press Council of India committee on press freedom in Kashmir a “revealing indictment” of the authorities’ treatment of the press in the region.

NC Chief Spokesperson Tanvir Sadiq said the report of the Investigative Committee (FFC) lays bare how the news media in the Jammu and Kashmir region, particularly in the valley , were “slowly snuffed out”, by extensive restrictions imposed by the local administration.

“We have expressed our concern over the growing restrictions on press freedom in Kashmir over the years. The FCC findings revealed how the JK administration handles the press.

“The silence of voices critical of the administration describes the new normal at JK, especially in the Valley. The gags monopolized the flow of information in JK,” he said.

Sadiq said the restrictions on the press caused various local dailies to stop covering various issues of public importance for fear of offending the authorities.

“The press fraternity in Kashmir is the victim due to executive apathy and the inherent pressure associated with reporting in a conflict situation. It is indeed a tightrope walk for our journalist friends,” he said.

The party leader welcomed the findings and hoped they would inform the country’s “liberal and democratic forces” of the reality on the ground in Kashmir.

The spokesperson also urged the PCI to pressure the government to release all confined journalists.

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