She-Hulk Press Conference Recap: Jen Walters Joins the MCU

She-Hulk: Lawyer hosted a global virtual press conference on Thursday afternoon, bringing together the series’ stars and its creatives to discuss the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Present for the She-Hulk discussion are Jen Walters herself Tatiana Maslany, actor Nikki Ginger Gonzaga, director and executive producer Kat Coiro, and head writer and executive producer Jessica Gao.

“I vividly remember being a little girl and seeing the cover of a She-hulk comic in the middle of a sea of ​​male comics and not knowing who she was or what it was. was, just knowing that I was emotional about it,” Coiro said. said. “Taking control, taking space was something that really resonated with me and I remember buying that comic, so when that show lasted it was really a dream.”

“Nikki Ramos, I would hang out with Nikki in real life,” Gonzaga said. “I love Nikki. She’s very free. She’s the person you want and can get away with anything.”

“Each episode really has a distinct flavor and we pulled from so many genres,” Coiro said. “It also has huge cinematic reach and elements of action, drama, suspense… It’s really a bit of a peak behind the curtain of the everyday, sometimes mundane, life of a superhero. .”

Gao Says She’s Been Rejected By Marvel Three Times Before She-Hulk. “It was the right project,” she said. “I’m glad they rejected me three times.”

Working with Jen and Bruce together, “was a very easy dynamic to pull off,” according to Maslany. “A lot of the characters on this show have that ring of truth,” which she says was easy to get into.

“Basically, I felt like it was all about the fourth wall breaking, meta-humor and self-awareness. It was John Byrne’s run that made him fall in love with comics She-Hulk comedy was a priority, and Coiro adds that it was important to retain those elements and make sure the story fit into the MCU.

Maslany recalled stepping out into Hall H and being stunned by the energy in the Hall H room. “It was good not to keep Daredevil a secret anymore too,” Coiro said.

Gao describes trying to figure out how to decide what was revealed in the trailers for She-Hulk. “It was right [Kevin Feige and I] shooting at each other on our respective positions above the pieces that were in the trailer.”

How does She-Hulk break the fourth wall in a unique way? “She was doing it way before Deadpool or Fleabag,” Coiro said.

“If you know anything about the character of She-Hulk, you would know it,” Gao said. “It’s been through a lot of evolutionary stages. A long journey for how long is she talking to the camera? … Is there another meta element? Is she talking to someone about another who is behind the scenes?” There was a version where there were editor’s notes and Jen was “actually interacting with the on-screen editor’s notes”.

It was about finding the balance to break the fourth wall enough that it would draw in the audience but not fully connect to the world, adds Coiro.

“She’s aware of the audience,” Maslany said. “It feels like her super power has engaged with the meta… There’s something about this super, hyper-awareness that is who she is.”

“He was never prescriptive,” Maslany said of Ruffalo. “He was lying on the ground outside as Bruce and he gets up as the Hulk, really from a prone position and he’s suddenly standing up… It looked completely inhuman and I was like, ‘ Oh, that’s what ten years of p[layingthischaracterandembodiinghimphysicallyandbeingsoinsideofhimyoucandocoolstufflikethat…TomeIwaslike’OhcoolIwanttobeabletodothatsometime'”[posercepersonnageetl’incarnerphysiquementetêtretellementàl’intérieurdeluivouspouvezfairedestrucssympascommeça…Pourmoijemedisais:’Ohcooljeveuxpouvoirfaireçaunjour'”[layingthischaracterandphysicallyembodyinghimandbeingsoinsideofhimyougettodocoolstufflikethatTomeIwaslike’OhcoolIwanttobeabletodothatsometime'”

“Action and CGI take a lot of rigid preparation and a comedy is the opposite,” Coiro said of the tonal balance. They would rehearse ahead of time and try to maintain a semblance of looseness, while balancing the technical aspects with that looseness for comedy.

Coiro says it was no other option for She-Hulk but Maslany. “It required a performance nuance that only Tatiana could really deliver,” Corio said.

“We talked a lot about how important it is for this character to be human first,” Gao added. “A second ago it was just words on a page and now I see this person who I believe has lived this whole life…plus she’s super funny!”

“Hulk’s initial struggle is that he’s out of control…she’s conscious in this other form and it’s uncomfortable,” Gonzaga said of She-Hulk.

Gao explains that she wanted to include a scene in a female bathroom and have Jennifer protected by strangers to show this part of our real world and how it is always a safe space no matter where the room is located. bathroom, where women will support each other.

What did Maslany find most relevant about Jennifer Walters? “Her resistance to that and she’s built this life for herself that she doesn’t want to give up,” Maslany said. “When this thing happens to her, she has to deal with a whole other perception placed above her and the societal expectation of who she should be… the outside perception of her, that was super interesting to me. Honestly, when I read the pilot, I was like, “I gotta do this. I so want to audition for this because it’s so funny. It’s ordinary. It’s small. “I’ve always dreamed of being part of a superhero show where you see the moments in between.”

Coiro wants it to be fun, entertaining, and escapist while opening up new perspectives for people to see things through a new lens and think the show is fun but has “really deep undertones.” Gonzaga reinforces these views with her take on them, comparing herself to her character of Nikki and how shameless she is. Maslany looks forward to the conversations people will have on the show. “I’m curious why,” there’s a visceral response to women as superheroes, Maslany said. “There are so many other things going on that challenge people and I think we really hit in a really wonderful way.” Gao wants Marvel fans to find “a whole new area of ​​Marvel to enjoy” and wants people who couldn’t “see themselves reflected, can now see it.” She’s also looking forward to seeing any memes that come out of the show.

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