Shincheonji Church speaks to US reporters in online press conference

After the success of Shincheonji Church’s online seminars on fulfilling the Book of Revelation, she held a press conference for US reporters to brief on the upcoming series of seminars.

Shincheonji Church of Jesus held an online press conference on Friday, January 14 at 6:00 p.m. CST. The event, titled “Shincheonji Americas Press Conference” was in response to growing interest from pastors and the media after the Revelation Fulfillment Seminars that had been livestreamed in November and December 2021 had a large following. success. The seminars attracted more than 700 pastors who requested their cooperation in learning the scriptures of Shincheonji. The series, titled The testimony on the prophecies and the fulfillment of the Apocalypse brought together more than 100 media representatives from almost 30 different countries and a total of more than 6 million viewers.

The press conference was streamed live from Shincheonji Church’s official YouTube channel and featured various pastors from around the world wishing to collaborate with Shincheonji who had attended the Revelation seminar series at the end of the year. last. There was also a speech by Shincheonji President Man Hee Lee, who has worked for over 39 years to provide this Bible education for free around the world and is now broadcasting the content live for everyone to watch. Several media companies came to gather the press, including Religio Mag, Bolsa de Noticias (a Nicaraguan TV station) and many other international TV and radio stations who tuned in to hear about other upcoming seminars from the ‘church.

A new series of seminars comes from Shincheonji Church after the Revelation seminars, because the book of Revelation can be understood more clearly after learning the parables of the Bible. Therefore, the church will now host the series titled Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and the Testimony of Fulfillment which began on January 3. This seminar series will be 24 long and free lectures for all to access and learn the Bible. A new conference airs live every Sunday and Wednesday at 7 p.m. CST.

President Lee expressed the importance of understanding the Bible at this time. “It says in the Bible that things will not remain as parables forever, but there will come a time when things will be made plain – that is when the prophecies in parables will be fulfilled.” He added, “These true entities will be revealed in future lectures.”

A Shincheonji representative described the effect of these seminars on Christian pastors and the response that has been received so far. “The 1,200 pastors who have signed an MOU [Memorandum of Understanding] about biblical education will listen to this series of seminars. Every believer in God should understand these words – we ask all Christians in the world, including pastors, to be very attentive.

The ongoing Parables seminar series will be broadcast in 24 different languages ​​on the church’s YouTube channel. The channel and Parables of the Secrets of Heaven the videos can be found in English here downloaded as the videos are broadcast live:

Here are some questions that were asked during the Shincheonji Americas press conference Q&A session:

Reporter: How did Shincheonji grow up so fast?

President Lee: Since I was a farmer in a small village, I knew nothing about tradition and knowledge of other religions and churches. But God and Jesus showed me the true entity of the fulfillment of prophecy. Thus, I can testify of what I saw as God and Jesus asked me to do. Since I followed the will of God and Jesus, everything is fine.

J: Why did Korean pastors persecute Shincheonji? What is your next plan after witnessing the meaning of Revelation?

CL: Since the prophecy is written and hidden in parables, there were many incorrect explanations of the prophecies. But now the prophecies are fulfilled, and the true meaning of the prophecies has been revealed, so the false explanations are also revealed. Therefore, the Korean pastors who gave false explanations persecuted us. But I didn’t invent that word. Since God has shown us the true entity of his promise, we must watch and realize this in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and receive eternal life. We can achieve this through further discussion.

J: President, can you explain a bit more about what you heard and saw that you mentioned during the Revelation seminar?

CL: I heard and saw the fulfillment of the book of Revelation, which contains only 22 chapters. As Jesus received the sealed book of God and opened the seals one by one, I saw the fulfillment of the prophecy written in the book. Although other pastors may speak their minds, I testify of what I have seen and heard by the Holy Spirit.

J: Why must this word be transmitted to all nations?

CL: If Moses did not reveal himself, physical Israel had to live in Egypt. Although Jesus was persecuted, he testified to what he saw and heard in Jn. 5:19-20. Today, God has fulfilled the prophecy of Revelation in one place. So how can all pastors recognize this? Jesus showed John the fulfillment in Rev. 22:8, and asked him to testify of it for the churches. So I asked international journalists to broadcast the testimony of the fulfillment of the Apocalypse. We bear witness for humanity and the common good.

J: The number of Christians is decreasing in the world. What is the role of these seminars today?

CL: Faith can fall because of idleness. If you don’t know the word of God, we should find the person who can correctly testify to the word. Let us listen and understand the word to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Pastors can first listen and understand this word. After that, they can teach their saints by themselves. Jesus gave us Revelation like the New Testament during Passover in Luke. 22:14-20. If we don’t know the meaning of Revelation, how can we have faith? Jesus told us that no one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without understanding Revelation. How can we enter without knowing the Revelation?


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