SSH has been certified as Nasdaq ESG

PRESS RELEASE: SSH has been certified as an ESG Nasdaq Transparency Partner

Helsinki, FinlandD

SSH today announced that it has been certified as an ESG Nasdaq Transparency Partner. This certification is used by the Nasdaq to signal its commitment to market transparency and to improving environmental standards. The Nasdaq ESG Matrix includes environmental, social, corporate governance data points as well as future sustainability goals that SSH takes into account in its operation.

“This certification is a welcome recognition of SSH’s willingness to contribute to the management of global climate risks as well as transparency and social equality and it is a good step for the work started in 2020,” said Dr Teemu Tunkelo, CEO of SSH. . “SSH is committed to reducing its carbon footprint in all of its operations and we aim for high overall ESG performance. To do this, we are leading several measurable initiatives underway with our staff as well as our partners. We take into account, among other things, the sustainability of our sites, water efficiency, energy consumption and the atmosphere, waste management as well as the quality of the indoor environment when the purchase of services, leases or equipment and we strive to contribute to the creation of a business in a sustainable way ”, Dr Tunkelo continues.

SSH is in the process of developing our comprehensive ESG performance metrics and climate strategy which we will publish in the FY2022 Annual Report.

For more information:
Kristian nieminen
SSH Communications Security Plc
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About SSH
SSH helps organizations protect their critical digital assets at rest, in transit, and in use. We have more than 5,000 customers worldwide, 40% of which are Fortune 500 companies and major organizations in finance, government, retail and industry.

We are committed to helping our clients secure their businesses in the age of hybrid cloud and distributed IT and OT solutions. Our Zero Trust solutions provide secure electronic communications, secure access to servers and between servers. Our teams in North America, Europe and Asia as well as a worldwide network of certified partners ensure the success of our clients. The company’s shares (SSH1V) are listed on the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki.


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