The Attorney General reviews the cases and investigations during a lengthy press conference

Attorney General Sideeg Al-Sour reviewed a slew of cases and investigations during a 1.5-hour press conference in Tripoli yesterday. Al-Sour explained that his office isn’t always able to reveal or publicize his work, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t investigate and act on crimes.

He said cases take a long time to investigate but are prosecuted.

He recalled that many crimes do not have a statute of limitations and that while their perpetrators may be protected behind weapons today, the Attorney General’s office will continue to track cases – across Libya.

National identification numbers
There have been numerous claims in the media and in public clashes between the Central Bank of Libya over the years that the National Identification Number database is faulty. Fake NID numbers can be used to open bank accounts, obtain state sector salaries, obtain passports, register to vote, and obtain state allowances.

At the press conference, Al-Sour revealed that the Civil Status Authority has set up a committee, to which a prosecutor is responsible, to compare the database of NID numbers with the original paper documents.

8.37 million registered as Libyan citizens
Data from the Civil Registration Authority system showed that there were 1,733,000 Libyan families and 8,370,000 Libyan citizens.

48,000 fake national identification numbers issued to non-Libyans
Investigations uncovered 48,000 fake national identification numbers issued to non-Libyans. These have now been suspended and investigations are ongoing into their wider implications.

64,000 national identification numbers on the system not found on paper records
Another 64,000 national identification numbers were found in the NID number system that were not in the civil registration system.

Falsified voter cards
Al-Sour revealed the discovery of 15,000 fake electoral cards during the 2012 National Congress elections. For the elections scheduled for December 2021, 3,829 fake ballots were discovered.

Allocations and Grant Fraud
For Child Allowance, investigations uncovered 23,000 recipients worth more than LD 7 million, in just 3 months, who are not registered in the civil registration system.

There were 2,543 people who received a subsidy from the system for personal use (in hard currency), worth more than 98 million dinars, who are not registered in the civil status system. Passports were obtained by 17,472 people who held incorrect NID numbers.

Public sector salaries were paid to 8,690 citizens using fake NID numbers. The number of citizens who receive state salaries is 2,014,908. A total of 88,819 incorrect NID numbers benefited about 209 million dinars.

Al-Sour assured that his office will follow up on all state employees responsible for issuing false NID numbers.

Bread crisis: 601 tests carried out and 232 bakeries closed
Regarding the bread crisis, Al-Sour reported that 601 samples were taken from bakeries across Libya and transferred to an international laboratory in Germany for analysis, to ensure that they are free from any harmful substances.

The test results are awaited and Al-Sour assured that his office will take all measures against those involved in any suspicious activity.

Meanwhile, he revealed that 232 bakeries were closed across Libya, 60 in Tripoli, 20 in Benghazi and 53 in Misurata.

Although no evidence of the carcinogenic bread additive potassium bromate was found in any Libyan bread, Al-Sour revealed that the bakeries that were closed were for violations of laws concerning general cleanliness requirements and lack of health certificates for employees, payment of taxes or work permits for expatriates.

Mass graves in Tarhuna: 259 bodies found, 376 arrest warrants issued
Regarding the crimes from the Tarhuna mass graves, Al-Sour disclosed that 259 bodies were exhumed from 82 cemeteries in Tarhuna and its suburbs, of which 120 were identified.

Arrest warrants have been issued for 376 people wanted in the Tarhuna mass graves case and 280 criminal cases are still under investigation. Ten cases have been brought to court.

Al-Sour assured that those detained on suspicion of terrorist crimes or for membership of IS/ISIS/DAESH are still under investigation. Many have been released while others have been charged or convicted.

The Murzuq Incident
With regard to the case of the attack on the population of Murzuq and the displacement of its population, 209 defendants have been identified, and arrest warrants and travel bans have been issued against them, and the procedures for return of the displaced will begin next week, he revealed.

Cooperating militias and not above the law
The Attorney General has stated that all security services (state-recognized militias), including the Rada/Dissuasion apparatus, assist his office in applying the law in accordance with its requests and in accordance with procedural legitimacy and the rights of the man. He reiterated that his office depends on other agencies, especially law enforcement agencies, to enforce the law.

He admitted the process was not always perfect but stressed that no one is above the law, implying this included the militias.

Stability useful for the implementation of the law
In conclusion, Al-Sour looked forward to stability and the approval of a constitution, because stability helps the work of his office and reduces the causes of crime.

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