The US Senate candidate visits Athens for an afternoon press conference

As the streets of Athens buzzed with excitement for the upcoming Super Bowl, US Senate candidate Morgan Harper drove to town, hoping to focus some of that excitement on her campaign during an appearance outside the building on Saturday. of the city of Athens.

Harper shared her campaign goals and chatted with her potential voters. She touched on topics such as affordable living, small business and clean energy.

His overarching message was consistently tied to his belief that the problems in America emanate from the politicians rather than the politicians. On her campaign site, she encourages voters to “organize” their community and support its causes.

“We need to have a candidate who is going to be able to lead with honesty, integrity and make people believe and overcome that barrier of disillusionment,” Harper said. “So many people are retiring from politics altogether.”

Harper said one of the main reasons she chose to get involved in politics was her personal history in Ohio. She lived with a foster family and was adopted and raised by her mother, and many of the struggles they faced as she grew up showed her the importance of having a strong community, he said. she declared. Harper also said one of the biggest issues facing Appalachian communities today is the cost of living.

“We need to make sure we have debt-free business opportunities…and also cancel student debt so we don’t burden a generation of young people, many of whom are here,” Harper said. “We are going to have universal health care – including mental health care – including access to drug treatment services for people who need it. We are not allowing big insurance and big pharma to continue profiting from our health. »

Harper believes universal health care will help small business owners start their businesses and run them efficiently for their workers. She hopes to help small business owners in different ways, criticizing the “big multinational corporations that have just grown to dominate the economy.”

“We lived through a generation that allowed big business to do just about anything they want, and the rest of us just have to pick up the economic scraps left behind. It’s not necessary,” she said. “We’re updating the antitrust laws, and that will make sure our economy works for everyone.”

Harper is also a big proponent of clean energy. She believes that at the federal level, we must invest immediately in the creation of 600,000 jobs in the clean energy sector over the next 10 years.

“And so, we have to ask ourselves, will we be better protected by having someone representing the United Senate who has been a member of organizations like the NRA, which was once against a woman’s right to choose?” she said. “Or, do we need a fighter and someone who doesn’t need convincing to do the right thing, but actually knows the difference between right and wrong and is willing to defend him?… I am that candidate, my opponent is not.


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