Thinkspace Projects presents three new solo exhibitions

Artwork by Casey Weldon (left), Brian “Dovie” Golden (center), and Toco-Oco (right)
Thinkspace projects

Thinkspace Projects presents three new solo exhibitions

Gallery One | Tacit reversal • Casey Weldon

Gallery One | car park carnival • Brian “Dovie” Golden

Gallery Two | The inner world • Toco-Oco

On view from April 2 to April 23, 2022

Thinkspace projects

4217 W.Jefferson Blvd. | Los Angeles, California 90016

Tel: 310.558.3375 | Tu es. – Sat. Noon to 6 p.m.

Opening reception

Saturday April 2 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Los Angeles, CA (March 23, 2022) – Thinkspace Projects is delighted to present three new solo exhibitions, highlighting the works of diverse and talented artists. Although the works are different, the three collections have a guiding line of hope and optimism.

Artist: Casey Weldon
Thinkspace projects

In Gallery One, Thinkspace Projects is delighted to present Casey Weldon’s latest solo exhibition, “Tacit reversal.’ Each piece is inspired by real-life scenarios he witnessed, including stories of loved ones, observations of his surroundings, and his own introspective self-assessment. The collection is particularly special as it represents a return to creation and work for Weldon, who recently went through a long period of stagnation due to recent brain surgery. With ‘Tacit reversal,’ it aims to make something beautiful and fun out of relatively dark origins. While it does not aim to embellish the struggles, it highlights a different perspective, emphasizing optimism and hope.

Also in Gallery 1 is Brian “Dovie” Golden’s latest solo exhibition, “Car park carnival,’ explores nostalgic ties to our past through the contemporary imagery of Dovie Golden. With a deliberate blend of portraiture, abstract line sketching and bold color, Dovie invites viewers to examine complex topics including mental health and hope. Incorporating her own personal struggles with anxiety, depression and grief, resulting from the loss of her son, Dovie creates work that is both deeply personal and broadly relatable.

In the second gallery, Thinkspace is delighted to present the work of Brazilian husband and wife duo Toco-Oco (aka Lara Alcântara and Guilherme Neumann). The Toco-Oco sculptures carry Lara and Guilherme’s deep thoughts and gigantic questions about human existence within their clay frames. Under this playful name, they imagine fantastic creatures that they transform into curious doll-sized sculptures, the latest of which make up this collection, “The inner world”. Originally beginning this artistic journey by creating figurines aimed at children, the duo keep a sense of childlike fantasy in each piece. From the detailed sculpts to the detailed backstory, these creations are intricate and engaging.

Artist: Brian “Dovie” Golden
Thinkspace projects

These lounges open on April 2, 2022 with a reception from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. On view until April 23, 2022 at Thinkspace Projects.

About Thinkspace

Thinkspace was founded in 2005; now in the thriving West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles, the gallery has earned an international reputation as one of the most active and productive exponents of the new contemporary art movement. True to its founding commitment to promoting and supporting its artists, Thinkspace has continued to expand its roster and diversify its projects, creating collaborative and institutional opportunities around the world. Founded in the spirit of forging recognition for young, emerging and lesser-known talent, the gallery today welcomes artists from around the world, ranging from emerging, mid-career and established artists.

Although the new contemporary art movement has remained largely unrecognized by the fine art world’s approved institutions and its ‘high culture’ arbiters, the future promises change. The Movement’s formative aversion to the establishment also faded in the wake of its increased visibility, institutional presence, and widespread popularity. Thinkspace sought to defend and promote the unique breadth of the Movement, creating new opportunities for the presentation of its artists and work. An active advocate for what is now one of the oldest organized art movements in history, Thinkspace is an established voice for its continued growth and evolution, proving its commitment by expanding its projects beyond Los Angeles. , exhibiting with galleries and partner organizations in Berlin, Hong Kong, London, New York, Detroit, Chicago and Honolulu, among others, participate in international art fairs and curate new contemporary content for museums. Attached to the vision, the risk and the exceptional gifts of its artists, the gallery is above all a family. From the streets to the museums, and from the “margins” to the white cube, Thinkspace is reviewing what it means to be “institutional”.

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