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‘Critical window for diplomacy’ remains – Johnson and Biden

Following a 40-minute call between Boris Johnson and Joe Biden On Monday evening, the two leaders said they believed there remained a “crucial window for diplomacy and for Russia to drop its threats to Ukraine”.

Britain said the couple stressed the importance of unity and, although neither the UK nor the US will send troops to defend Ukraine, they insisted that any further Russian incursion “would result in a protracted crisis for Russia with massive damage to Russia and the world”.





Bolsonaro justifies his visit to Russia



Stock markets under pressure again


What the crisis looks like from Kyiv

As US intelligence sources warn of an imminent Russian invasion, residents of Ukraine’s capital refuse to be intimidated.

the The Guardian’s Shaun Walker is in Kyiv and tells Michael Safi that on the face of it much of the town continues to live as normal. The restaurants are open, the stores are full and the snow-lined streets are buzzing with people going about their usual business. This is in stark contrast to many foreign diplomats scrambling to leave the Ukrainian capital ahead of any military action that could begin in days or even hours.

But how likely is the large-scale military assault to be warned by Western intelligence agencies? And is there a diplomatic solution that could be sold to Vladimir Putin and that would also satisfy the Ukrainian government?

Listen to our latest podcast episode: What the Ukraine crisis looks like from Kyiv.





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