Unions threaten ‘waves of industrial action’ over UK cost of living crisis

UK unions are threatening a wave of coordinated industrial strikes in the coming weeks to help millions of low-wage workers struggling with the cost of living crisis.

The move, which includes the two biggest unions, Unison and Unite, comes as the UK government fails to agree a detailed package of family support as average gas and electricity bills will rise by 80% .

On Friday, the Office for Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) revealed a worrying 80% rise in electricity and gas bills, reflecting the deepening cost of living crisis in the country .

UK energy bills are expected to climb to an average of £3,549 ($4,188) a year from October, Ofgem said.

Ofgem warned that the “crisis” must be tackled with urgent and decisive government action.

Noting that rising prices would have a “massive impact” on households across the country, Ofgem CEO Jonathan Brearley warned of a further rise likely in January, reflecting significant price pressure on energy markets.

Brearley said the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is behind the turmoil in Britain’s energy market and soaring gas prices.

Meanwhile, Unison demanded that the minimum wage be increased “at least in line with inflation” which is now 10.1%.

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has also said Britain’s minimum wage should be set at £15 an hour to help millions of low-wage workers cope with soaring energy bills and of the cost of living.

The minimum wage is now set at £9.50 for people aged 23 and over, with lower rates for younger people.

As inflation hits its highest level in 40 years, the union organization is insisting that the government draw up plans to raise wages.

Frances O’Gady, General Secretary of the TUC, said: ‘Millions of low-paid workers are living on paycheck to paycheck, struggling to get by – and they are now being pushed to the brink by sky-high bills and soaring wages. price. .”

Additionally, football league clubs have also said rising energy prices will force some clubs out of business. Forest Green Rovers owner Dale Vince has called on the government to act as rising energy costs will have a serious impact on the EFL and non-League clubs.

Government sources have revealed that the likely winner of the Tory leadership race, Liz Truss, will hold an emergency budget while prioritizing tax cuts to help individuals and businesses cope with the surge energy costs.

Soaring energy prices coupled with runaway inflation have put Europeans’ livelihoods under severe strain after Europeans severed their energy ties with Russia, Europe’s main natural gas supplier, in the aftermath of the Ukrainian conflict, triggering a serious economic crisis on the continent.

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