Will F1 be regionalized in response to the financial crisis?

F1. that of budget ceiling It is a periodic letter to which further details are added from time to time. When it was assumed and operated, the international context was very different from that of today. First the Covid-19 pandemic, then the military escalation in Ukraine They have caused a massive increase in the price of items which greatly affects one of them Formula One Crushed by the cost of logistics.

The budget ceiling does not include any protection mechanism in its implementing texts. which – which”electric scale“It is nothing more than a simple economic instrument capable of automatically indexing the level of expenditure according to the rise in the prices of certain raw materials in order to counter the decline in the investment power of the teams.

This capacity to allocate resources has considerably diminished due to the unprecedented levels of inflation recorded over the past two years. Although he is an ardent defender of Expenditure Review To like Andreas Seidl The hesitation is beginning to mean that economic indicators are far from reassuring.

Andreas Seidl, McLaren F1 Team Principal

F1. Budget ceiling: the teams call for the “escalator”

the Team leader, manager from McLaren Talk about unforeseen circumstances (significant increases in energy and transportation costs) that should lead to new and more reasonable solutions.

The real problem is the almost certain overrun of the investment criteria programmed for the normal seasonal operation and for the developments of the pipeline on the individual benches. With increases, it would be impossible to do everything while staying within the limit. sold The escalator app we mentioned earlier asks: “The budget cap should be discussed again by indexing it to the increase in the cost of living and therefore to inflation“.

for workingThanks for a MCL36 Not well born, they planned many developments that could remain in the engineers’ drawers if there were no adjustment for inflation. That’s why it’s important for teams to discuss a solution to determine what requires eight out of ten teams to agree. A front that does not seem to exist due to the reluctance of some teams.

the FIA He is called to quickly resolve the situation. not replace Sochi GBWith the relative disappearance of the expenses necessary for the trip to Russia, the plaster did not cauterize the wound and the consequent bleeding.

Christian Horner, Team Principal, Oracle Red Bull Racing

F1. Horner Sounds Alarm: Seven Teams Won’t Play Last 4 Races

It is also for this reason that the pain of the choir Chris Horner Push like a bull to edit budget ceiling to an increase in the rate of inflation. In Great Britain, where almost all the Formula 1 teams are located, the percentage reaches 7%. the Team leader, manager from Red Bull He fears that a large part of the franchises (it is estimated that there may be seven) will not be able to contest the last four races. Opposite view Otmar Szafnauer from Alps who put himself at the head of reactionary teams who want to preserve the status quo.

Here we can arrive at the classic intermediate mode, at settlement represented by FIA He thinks he can incarnate himself by granting an expense adjustment just to cover the increased travel expenses. A necessary decision to avoid not including the additional budget allocated to cover hyperinflation in the development cycle of the car.

F1. There is a need to restructure the foundations of the response to global crises

The GP schedule pieces and some flight pieces are very close range containment maneuvers. Freedom Media It is aware of this and that is why it is putting in place more effective measures to deal with a complex international scenario which does not yet show the signs of a coup d’etat.

In 2019, the American giant led by the president John C. Malone and CEO Greg Maffei He announced a plan to do Formula 1″carbon dioxide emission“By 2030 by streamlining the schedule. That’s the main goal, but The feeling is that the real objective is to drastically reduce handling costs because completely eliminating emissions in eight years is a pipe dream..

Scuderia Ferrari F1 Hospitality

The rise in prices and the lesser will of American real estate transfer companies increase the outlook: Logistics first, then the environmental issue. Although an official position has not been announced for obvious opportunistic reasons.

the F1 Need to organize a calendar by geographical area allowing a significant reduction in travel. It is not easy to achieve this objective because it will be necessary to rewrite the agreements with the regulators who will have to agree on one or the other with the chain managers. This will require everyone’s effort.

If we consider 2022 We can see that after its launch in the Middle East, the circus Go to Australia then enter Europe and back to UNITED STATES to kiss old world. It’s before leaving the Canadian scene and it’s a prelude to his new return to Europe. Unacceptable waste of resources.

Over the next few years, work is underway to compile the events: American race with three races in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. European competitions on classic dates. Middle East competitions and finally Asian events which also include Baku and Australia.

A vast rewrite envisages healthy doses of ambition on which the life of Formula 1 itself will depend, and which has the desire to find extra money (by saving money) to bail out the coffers of suffocated teams. It is especially if, over the years, Freedom Media He wants to reach 25 seasonal prizes. In the process, the location of the stables is crucial, and it will therefore be necessary to convince them by yielding to their demands. it looks legit.

F1 – Author: Diego CatalanoLord save her

picture: F1And Scuderia Ferrari F1, Oracle Red Bull Racing

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